Joseph Pilates may be rolling around in his grave

This will be quick. When I first discovered Pilates using a reformer, I was elated. I had been in a horrible car accident and traditional reformer Pilates classes helped me in ways I cannot even describe. Upper back pain? Gone. Neck pain? Buh bye.


Now, many college age females with an entrepreneurial spirits are opening Pilates studios in their neighborhoods and putting their own spin on traditional Pilates.  Maybe it will be mixed with free weights, or aerobics, or a ballet barre. Maybe we should use this piece of equipment for something for which it was not intended. Let’s be creative. Let’s mix it up. Let’s do something different because we’re bored. Here’s the problem. When you use the Pilates reformer in ways in which it was not designed, you risk injuring your students. After the last class I took using a special offer, I tweaked my knee and my lower back – badly. Please make sure if you invent new exercises, that you do your homework to assure that you aren’t putting your students at risk.




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