Never bad mouth someone’s significant other when they finally break up.

Never badmouth someone’s significant other when they finally break up. Why? Because the minute you finish saying, “We couldn’t stand being around him. He really wasn’t good enough for you. No one liked him etc…”, they will be back together.


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What is Advice Slam?

If you are like me , or my friends, or my boss, or my relatives, you probably are always thinking of innovative ideas to make the four walls you live inside of or any of the beautiful noise outside a better place. So here, shine your figurative light bulbs brightly. The only rules  (until we change them ) are that if you are venting, you must present or at least solicit an improvement or a way to solve the problem. DO use tags so that others who want to converse with you can find you. Don’t be mean – unless you are hilarious in which case your choice of words and lack of tact just might be forgiven.



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Keeping up with the Kardashians – didn’t want to like it but Bruce is RIVETING!

The last few episodes featuring Bruce Jenner discussing his decision wth Kris Jenner to give into his transgender desires has been RIVETING. If you haven’t seen it because you hate the idea of reality shows it is still worth a watch.

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There is no amazing diet trick that was just invented by Dr. whoever….

Dieting is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Why? Because A. we all eat crap. B. we get fat and continue to eat crap. C. we sit on our butts in front of  TVs and computers and at our desk jobs and never exercise. D. we buy diet pills, diet books etc…and for whatever reason – they may not always work. So we buy more.

Here’s one tip.  Exercise more. Eat fewer calories. Anything else to add to the conversation? Other than the people trying to post free advertising for Garcinia Cambodia? Or whatever it’s called?

One way to eat fewer calories is to track your calories and design meals ahead of time that contain a certain number of calories. Example? A 1200 calorie diet usually containers three meals that are less than 300 calories each , plus three snacks that are around 100 calories each (or so). Try it. It works!


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I do not begrudge fat girls. Some of my favorite people are girls who are fat. Melissa McCarthy for one. In fact, many of my friends are not stick thin. But PLEASE fat girls who are strangers to me as I drive the streets of Los Angeles – please look in the mirror before you go outside after you dress.

Here’s the thing. Until you lose weight you cannot wear outfits that most skinny girls wear. Why? Because those tight fitting skinny jeans with the low waist will NOT look the same on you as it did on the skinny girl you admired when you asked, “Where’d you get those jeans?”.

The great news is that you CAN still look good. Tent dresses and scarve shirts look great on you as do higher waisted pants that do not show your muffin top hanging out. The great news is that all people like to look at cleavage so that skin you can show and most likely, if your boobs are as big as your stomach – ROCK.

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Sending your resume blindly via the internet is a waste of time

OK all you lazy job hunters out there. You know who you are. You really want to work and you complain to others than you haven’t gotten a job STILL perhaps to gain some sympathy and kind words so you don’t feel like such a loser when you’re sitting in front of the TV or computer all day. Here’s the thing. The way you get hired is to GET OFF YOUR ASS and MEET FACE TO FACE with EMPLOYERS via friends, old colleagues and the like. So make a list of at LEAST 75 people you know and CALL them – yes, that means you have to press a button MORE than just one time, perhaps as MANY as 9 times when you are dialing – I know that sounds rough. Then, knock on doors the old fashioned way and meet people. Even if you’re being pushy. Now get it done and quit using my tax dollars to pay for your groceries and alcohol.

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Someone please decide Zero or the Letter O?!

I can NEVER find the O with a dot in it. Then again, I’m a little older than most tech users. But for the love of god, someone please just decide and let’s make it universal to EITHER use the number Zero OR the letter O in every single confirmation from now until the end of time!


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