The Lost Art

The art of music has been on a downward spiral at least since the late 20th Century. While some genres have progressed the general state of the art has taken a headlong dive into the abyss. Judging from the aesthetic value, or lack thereof, mainstream music is on its death bed. With each passing year the artistic standards have dropped lower and lower until now it’s life is being pounded into the ground. And the certain cause of death can be clearly attributable to crass commercialism.

In their never-ending quest to make a buck by dumbing down the art to the lowest common denominator music marketers have squeezed every last bit of creative substance from the art. Rap is one of the highest grossing genres, but it is more like poetry than music. Electronica is another form of pseudo-music growing in popularity due to our passive, push-button society. Today’s youth are too distracted by digital gadgetry, and mastering a real musical instrument is too much like work.

While the entertainment and electronics industries control much of the sounds and substance being foisted on us, the real culprit behind the the art’s demise is the educational establishment. The conventional music instructional methodology is based on the study of music theory and performing standard works composed by others. They teach nothing about original creativity. Music is an art, and art is an original creation. Yet music schools avoid artistic creativity like the plague. It’s not part of their business model. They’re in business to make a profit, not to make art. That’s because you can’t teach talent. And that’s why music is quickly¬† becoming a lost art.

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  1. I have many friends who agree with you. But I disagree to some extent. I love film scores. I think that they far surpass many of the classical masterpieces of late. I also don’t mind some pop music when it makes me feel a certain way. Specifically, Maroon 5 may make me happy when I’m driving. Or Rhianna’s “Stay”, makes me feel sad. Anything that evokes an emotion in my opinion is art. But I appreciate your point of view.

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